About Me

I remember attending hockey games at the War Memorial in downtown Rochester when I was young. I didn’t get to go as much as I wanted. If I had it my way, I would have been a season ticket holder. As I would enter that arena, I would stand in awe.. the smells, the coaches, the players… and the….Ushers. Yup. The ushers. These guys have the dream life! They get paid to be in the arena and see every hockey game! How cool!

While my dream as an usher at the arena was never realized, I did find something worlds better. As a member of God’s team, I get to follow Him on tour. And I don’t want the nosebleeds.. I want the FRONT ROW experience.

I am just an usher that is privileged to be at each show. And this journal is just a chance for me to be a witness to some of the things God is doing around me.

As a pastor, God allows me to lead both Student and College Ministries in Rochester NY, and I LOVE IT. I am outnumbered in my house 4 to 1 with three awesome daughters and one (thats all I want) fantastic wife.

My Name is Vinnie Tumia, and this is my story.


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