The Holy Huddle

The Holy Huddle usually has a negative connotation to it.. But hear me out..

All parents have probably experienced it before. I give advice that was solid. I actually impress myself a little. The response of my kids though shows they are less than convinced. Then one day they come through the door with a bit of excitement. They figured out the obvious solution to their problem. After asking a few questions it is discovered that the solution they got from the outside source was almost word for word what I had said days before. I stand there wondering if my kids are deaf at home but find perfect hearing when they walk out the front door. (this has only happened once ever :))

The truth is, there are times that advice is often more clear and convincing when it comes from someone other than dad and mom.

Outside encouragement can end up being the life-changing input our kids need. By the way, this very issue found its way onto my prayer list for my girls. I long for the right people to speak into their lives. God's timeless Word promotes this concept. Solomon penned it pretty clearly in Proverbs.

Proverbs 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

It would be lunacy to assume that the writer was talking of having just a group of random people giving input. For this to be a positive experience, these must be good, wise counselors. Godly people. Holy followers of God. People with experience. More than likely, people that are at least 5 years older than our kids. Better yet, an interested, truthful, alert adult. Cool doesn't hurt either.

Proverbs 15:22 Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

Truth is important. People that “prove” truth to be real to young moldable minds is immeasurably powerful. No amount of money can purchase the power of the God-story of a veteran believer in the lives of our children. And this input cannot be left to chance. Wisdom demands that we plan for it, not hope for it. Here is a scary truth— if we don't proactively encircle ourselves and our children with good people, they will get default counselors. This could be the most destructive miscalculation ever made.

Whether by grand design or by God's grace alone, we learned this early on in the lives of our girls. For each of them, we invited a young, more spiritually mature girl to “disciple” them. I would drive them weekly to a location where they could hang out together and let life meet life. Questions were asked and answered. Laughs were share. Prayers were prayed. This decision by my wife and me remains some of our wisest. As I write this, my youngest is spending a week in Indiana with her “discipler”. She met Tiffany when she worked camp this last summer. She was a dorm mother to Alyssa that quickly turned to much more than that. Over the eight weeks together, a bond was developed and God has not only directed Alyssa in outward ways, but changed her heart. I would give my bank account for this! (although right now that is not very much :)) The relationship has been so powerful that Alyssa saved up $250 to make the journey on her own from airport to airport to see Tiffany.

While discipleship of our families lays squarely on the shoulders of us as parents, parents should be proactive in surrounding their kids with a solid circle of counselors. One of the wisest decisions you can make is to build a team of counselors that can link arms with you in loving your son or daughter to the Savior!



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