The prayer that could save your life.

The infamous easy button. This popular yet fictional red button solved the many difficult office needs many executives face in daily management. The commercials were humorous and the ploy of that one office supply store being the answer to our problems was great for sales. Many people actually purchased the button just as a funny paper weight. There sits a big red with large white letter that read, “EASY”. The sad part is that it can do no more to make life easy than any other paper weight!

There is more alluring button I wish we had access to. A REWIND button.

If life had such a button, the symbol would be worn off. There are so many regretful words spoken in the heat of an argument that we would all erase. There are countless situations that we would skip by had we a second chance. And how about those moments of temptation that we would all love a second chance at? Those moments when we knew what was right, but chose to ignore God's gentle warning of imminent danger.

This life saving Rewind button will have to stay in the 'wish we had' file for another life. It is not a possibility even for the most ingenious inventors. But There is another option that could net similar, if not better results.. One that is not only available, but recommended by Jesus in the pages of Scripture.

It's was the night of the betrayal. Jesus took His men for a last walk to their favorite resort at the edge of Jerusalem. Making their way through the darkened garden, they arrived at a place that was often used by them for prayer with their Discipler. Knowing the dramatic and terrifying events about to unfold, Jesus looked at His disciples like a father fearful for the safety of his children, and gave them a recommendation that we should also live! Here is how I read it Matthew 26:41:

Pray so that you don't enter into temptation. Your spirit wants to do what is right, but your flesh will fail you every time!

Wow. Better than the rewind button is the ability to request a pass from the Creator on a possible life-altering temptation. What? Why would we not wear the symbol off of that button? Why would we not be obnoxiously praying that one request morning, noon, and night?

Could It be that we don't see the danger of temptation the way God does? Are we naive like the simple man in Proverbs 7 that didn't realize the temptation he faced was “for his life”?

On any given day, there could be that one temptation that we did not adequately prepare for that will rock our integrity, our family, and our very life. We are walking a field of active sin mines.

Temptation is not a kitty licking our hand, it's a lion chasing us down as a needed meal.

Let's beg God for a pass. Let's wear out the path to our prayer closet asking for guard rails that keep us on the straight path of holiness.

“Father, you said there are temptations that are unnecessary for me to experience. Would you rearrange my schedule so I can miss those dangerous moments today? Based on your Word, and the recommendation of Jesus, would you steer me away from that person, that conversation, that website, or that thought of my own heart that could spiritually wreck me? Allow your grace to rescue me from what is not necessary. Deny my enemy the permission he is requesting to rattle my cage.”

Don't get me wrong, God never promised to remove every possible temptation in our future, but He does say that if we ask there is great possibility to get that much needed pass! Remember, we never know until we ask, and we many times we don't receive because we fail to ask for it.

Better than a Rewind Button, we have access to the God that directs our daily path. Let us by all means beg for a pass!



2 thoughts on “The prayer that could save your life.

  1. So well said. I will definitely change my prayers to include more of this request. How easy it is for our minds and hearts to wander and stray off the straight and narrow path. I think of the proverb that says a righteous man falls seven times but gets back up. God’s grace is so amazing. Thanks for posting and helping so many.

    • Glad we are all on the same road together and we can learn with one another.. Sad that too often I learn the hard way… But let’s keep getting back up! Hopefully the 7 in the proverb is a metaphor for falling countless times and getting back up the countless.. 🙂

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