Ask, Ask, Ask. Then ask again.

There are a few people that stand out in the Bible as ‘Wow’ stories. Common people with an outlandish experience. You can pick these people out of the thousands mentioned because God does. He literally mentions them by name. While we all can build our own list of all-stars, here are a few that quickly come to mind:
    • Mary- Chosen among all to bear the Savior of the world (Luke 1:28).
    • David- a man after God’s own heart chosen as the Messianic line forever (Acts 13:22).
    • Moses- a friend that spoke face to face with God like no one else has (Exodus 33:11).
    • Noah- A just man and perfect and walked with God protected through the flood. (Genesis 6:9).
    • Job- Perfect and Upright and God mentioned him to the devil as a stalwart (Job 1:8).
How about Zacharias and Elisabeth? Easily overlooked. They probably didn’t make their way on anybody’s short list for sure. Maybe not even on a detailed one. Yet, as God faithfully watches the private and public lives of His creation, these two grabbed His attention.

And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless (Luke 1:6).

It seems that this was the catalyst that stirred the Lord to do what He did. And what He did was truly miraculous.

Zach was just an ordinary priest. Quiet and unassuming. His responsibility on this day was to disperse incense in the temple during the time of prayer. While doing what he did hundreds of other times, something extraordinary happened. As the chain was swinging in his hand, and as the sacred smoke encircled him on his slow walk, there was a voice. A voice coming from a dark corner where it should be silent. He thought he was alone.

But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John (Luke 1:13)

Maybe the conversation sounded something like this:

“Hey your prayer was heard, and God sent me to let you know its been answered!”

“Oh that is awesome… wait.. Which prayer? I mean.. I've prayed a few over the years..”

“The big one. The earth moving one you prayed every day for, for over 20 years”

“Can you give a few more clues?”

“The family expansion one. The request for God to give you a son.”

“Oh.. Yeah.. Haha.. That one. We stopped praying that one 20 years ago when my wife was no longer of capable of having kids.”

“You got it! Thats the one! God sent me to tell you it's time.”

“What? Wait! No, literally we gave that one up over twenty years ago when I would at least be in a wheelchair when my son started walking! I am over seventy now!”

“God never forgot that prayer. He wants to honor your request and your faithful living! And your son will be more than just an average jewish boy, he will prepare the way for the Savior.”

Imagine it. I just did. Either way, the faithful prayers that Zach and Elisabeth quietly, faithfully, and persistently prayed were not ignored.

They prayed when their heart told them that there was no hope. The begging they did continued when friends patted them on the back as if to say, “Not everyone has kids– its ok”. They repeated their same prayers even when their common sense said it was too late. Not one was forgotten. Like a seed planted, faithfully and slowly growing out of sight and in the soil. Each one waiting for the season of growth.

This answer could possibly be 30 years late.. In human calculations. On God’s timetable, it was right on schedule. The request would be “fulfilled in their season” (1:20). God gave Zacharias and Elisabeth just what their hearts longed for. God blessed the aching of their soul because they never quit.

God files my prayers away for safe keeping. Some He may keep beyond what I feel is reasonable. He may even keep some of them in storage forever. The lesson for me is to keep praying..and trusting His wisdom. My persistence just may stir God, in His timing, to do a miracle.

If you think this sounds similar to a previous post called Prayer Seeds, it is. Maybe God is trying to get through this thick head.



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