Prayer Seeds

What kind of a farmer are you? Weird question, right? Farmer or not, anyone knows that If you are intending to grow a crop of vegetables, it would take more than one seed. If you want good odds of a successful harvest, you would be better to indiscriminately toss bags of seed and then call it a day.

This was the failure of king Joash. When given the opportunity to determine the level of conquest over the enemy by firing arrows into the ground, he shot three times and relaxed. A frustrated Elisha barked out, “If you would have shot it five or six times you would have completely consumed your enemy! But now you will have only partial victory” (2 Kings 13). His lack of fervency cost the lives of many good soldiers. And a storied legacy.

This principle is just as true of prayer (Luke 11:5-10). The more seed you throw, the more prayers you pray, the more opportunity for God to show his eternal power.

Name something in life you need and want to see God do a miracle in. Think of…

  • ..The person you want to see God pour His blessing on in a heap…
  • ..Someone you want God to protect…
  • ..That situation you must have wisdom in…
  • ..That neighbor who needs salvation…
  • ..Your son that is walking away from God…
  • ..That family member in need of healing.

If your prayers were arrows, have you fired one time and stopped? Twice? Three times? Consider the possible damage for our passionless approach to prayer.

Did you ever consider banking up the prayers in advance? Before they are needed? Jesus confided in Peter about his weakness, I have prayed for you that your faith would not fail. In other words, its not that Jesus would pray for Peter’s faith, but He already did. In advance.

One idea that has proven to be a help to me and countless others is not any new creative idea. Its called a ‘list’. Just keep a listing of areas that need constant and persistent attention in prayer. This can solve the “pray once and forget” issue that stalks even the best intended believer. If you have ever had someone stop you mid-stride with a prayer request to which you agreed to remember.. This can keep you from being an accidental liar.

In case you were wondering, this is what David did. The book of Psalms is David’s prayers recorded. Psalm 72:20 simply says, “The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended.” David, the man after God’s own heart, was a man of prayer. Prayer awakens us and captures the attention of God. By the way, there is no such person as one that has prayed too much.

Remember, there are times that you don’t get something because you don’t ask. Other times we don’t get what we ask for because we asked once, with no passion, and relax.

If you were a farmer, and your prayers were seeds, would there be any hope for a harvest?



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