Bullied By Books

I have a confession. I beat a couple kids up. While they were a couple years apart, they both got nasty with my sister and BAM. Bloody noses. Before everyone lines up for autographs, or calls child protective, I was in second and fourth grades. Neither of my opponents got a punch in. If they had, I wouldn't be typing this. I struggled to fill my 28 slim pants till I was a junior in high school.

Although I won both of those scuffles, I have lost countless other encounters with a convicting book. I have been mugged by conviction. I have been blindsided by a new perspective. I have had the wind knocked out by a new slant to a passage of Scripture. Have you had that experience lately?

While books can be a source of great wisdom and spiritual challenge, the powerful lessons can be quickly lost in the craziness of life. Having a drive for organization motivated me to eliminate this problem. In light of that, I developed a habit of digitally journalling the zinger quotes I discover in the books I read on my IPhone. Whether digital or in a paper journal is not the point. Easy access to these resources is the idea. With this simple concept I don't have to have my whole library with me, just my smartphone or tablet. I don't have to be in my office where all my books are shelved. I don't have to flip through thousands of pages, just a few scrolls of the touch screen.

For me, these logged nuggets of inspiration have now become a part of my Legacy Journal that I keep, and will leave to my family one day. At some point, I will share about that journal too. This has become a priceless resource of some of the greatest thoughts and challenges that have had a part in my spiritual maturity.

I plan to have some entries in this blog sharing some of my favorite books and their power- packed quotes. Maybe you will consider beginning a journal for the books you read. You'll find it to be a rich means to initiate extended times of meditation.

In the meantime, when is the last time you got into a good scuffle.. with a book?



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