The Longest Hour

How many times have we been buried in a project at work, or maybe enjoying a great day at the beach and thought, “I wish there were 25 hours in a day”. Just one more hour. On the other side of the coin, I have a vivid memory of one class in my 6th grade year. I could take you to the room. I could probably find the actual seat (well. ok. So the seat in a landfill somewhere. But I could stand in the location of where my seat was). I was clock watching. Tick. Tick. Tick. The seconds felt like minutes. Could time actually go any slower? I thought I would be gray headed before the bell rang. I was bored and time was dragging.

I guess our perspective on time is all dependent on our circumstances. We want sunny days to be longer, and rainy ones to speed up!

The disciples faced this dilemma. Jesus asked one favor. It was the beginning of worst of His days. He could smell the sulfur of His betrayal and arrest. He was burdened. “Pray for me guys. I need your support. I have no one else to go to.” They knelt. He moved away. Prayer commenced. For Jesus it was intense and passionate. For His friends, it was.. well.. tiring and boring. Before they knew it, their eyes were rolling and they were in dream land. After discovering this disappointing situation, Jesus asked His closest friends a very pointed question.

“Could you not pray with me ONE hour?”

Whoa. Hold on. One hour? Really? Did Jesus really want His friends to talk to God for 60 minutes? While we don't know how short they fell of Jesus expectation, His question reveals something. Jesus anticipates His followers to do more than shoot off flare prayers only in moments of need. He hopes for more than a token thanks at lunch. He wants time with us. He wants us to want time with Him.

The real question for me is, Would Jesus ask me this same question? One Hour? Or would His question start with a smaller expectation? “Vinnie, couldn't you pray for just 10 minutes?” And if He did, what would my answer be?

What amount of time would God start at with you if He were asking you this question?

One hour. 60 minutes. If it was used for prayer, it could be the longest, or the fastest hour of your life. It depends on your circumstances and perspective.



One thought on “The Longest Hour

  1. Great challenge. I always remember Dr. Gibbs say if a man can’t pray for one hour he isn’t even worth hiring. How many of us would be out of work?

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